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Jenny McCullough was born in 1952 in Los Angeles to an Irish mother and a Scottish father.  She was raised to value the ethics of hard work and family.  She was taught what it meant to be an American, to be an individualist and to live by the Golden Rule.  Jenny’s father died when she was a young teenager, but she will never forget the lesson he taught her, and she lives by it to this day.  “Never back down or give up for what you believe, regardless of the consequences for the truth will be on your side”. 


A single mother, she raised her two sons.  McCullough went on to educate herself in the medical field to become an ultrasound technologist, and eventually start her own company.  She was able to provide a good life for herself and her sons. 


Jenny was always an animal activist, even as a child bring home strays, and she made her way to a dog show one day and discovered Mastiffs, and that started a love affair that lasted over two decades.  She currently has two Mastiffs, one three years and one a blind rescue.  The blindness of her rescue also shows her interest in animal breeding safety and the importance of eliminating this bad gene in the pool of Mastiffs.  She has been active in rescue and in dog health committees for decades.


Of late, her view of the world has been shaped by her life story.  She has sculpted a vision from her successes and challenges, and endeavors to bring it to fruition in her arts.  Her culture that have shaped her views are now under criticism, and she brings her argument to the fore with photography.  From Animal Rights to Conservative cause, she portrays her viewpoint through her thoughtful photographic execution in an artistic and impactful fashion. True to her father’s instruction, she will never give up, surrender is not an option. 

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